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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, need help or join as a artist for upcoming moments.

About 7Moments

7Moments is an NFT collection by Forza Ikonia that strives to evoke and capture emotions from compelling moments. We find interesting moments and let talented artists manifest the emotions in artwork that enshrines them into the Metaverse. Every moment represents a specific emotion and every emotion is represented in a series of seven NFTs. The pieces can also be seen as heptaptychs with seven parts that reinforce each other.

Throughout history, moments have been memorialized in the physical world through paintings, sculptures and music. We want to create emotional monuments in our digital worlds. In the metaverse, these important moments can be forever preserved. Never destroyed by decay, fire or malice. Enjoyed by rich or poor, young and old. Reached from anywhere, at any time.

We believe art and emotions will only grow more important in the metaverse to feel the connection to our common history, heritage and humanity.